Church Info

Above all else, God wants a relationship with each of us.

At Friends First we are building a fun, safe place to gather, teach and release each person into the incredible destiny God has prepared.

You will find our core beliefs similar to many bible-based church groups, but what makes us a little different is our passion and opportunities to genuinely equip and activate each person to abound in all areas of life - Prayer, Family, Relationships, Health, Work, Career, Marketplace, Hobbies, Giftings, Leadership, Worship, Ministry and much more...

We don't run church as a business, it's more like a rowdy family, with lots of learning and laughter. We intentionally encourage everyone to connect and participate in Sunday services, weekly home-groups and other social and learning moments.

On a typical Sunday we drink coffee, worship, read the bible, tell jokes and encourage each other... like a family party. Relaxed and lively.

We hope you take time to read through this website to learn more about us, and then come and experience spiritual freedom for yourself.

You're warmly invited to the King's party at Friends First !

Gary & Debbie