We are living in Revival (that's the word we understand, however probably not the right word to describe what we are experiencing), I should say we are living in amazing manifestations of Heaven on Earth. It is right now, not going to be in some future sense but right in the here and now.......

Manifestations of oil, gold, diamonds, silver, manna are all being experienced; folk are seeing angels, flashing lights, golden orbs.

What?? Yes and it is happening in homes, businesses and in our church meetings. God is revealing His Heaven on Earth and we are partnering with Him to eventually see multitudes swept into knowing Him, Loving Him, & serving Him.

This is not an exaggeration, and quite honestly although this has been happening consistently over a number of years now it is only just recently we have decided to post some of these amazing testimonies. We must realise these are the days of miracles, signs & wonders and Jesus is doing this in an unprecedented way. Signs point the way, and the way is Jesus and His Kingdom.

Here are some of the testimonies we are hearing about week after week.


I was working in the garage on Saturday and I had a piece of thin wire in my hand. Whilst trying to roll it up it accidentally swung up and hit me in the eye. My eye started to water and felt like I had a stone stuck in it. After dinner I was almost unable to see out of the eye so I went to Casey Hospital where they examined it. I was informed that I had pierced the cornea. They gave me a pain killer and a cream to put in the eye and said it would take 3 to 4 days to get better

On Sunday morning wearing a patch I arrived at church and Gary said come over here and we will pray for your eye. I must tell you my eye felt like there was still a stone in it, I was seeing 3 or 4 of everything and it was watering continually. Jesus mended my eye, I could feel Him touching me, there was a warm presence over my eye. At first it stopped watering, then we prayed again, the scratchiness left and we prayed again and I could see absolutely clearly.

I can testify that Jesus completely healed me, and it seemed totally effortless, I just stood there and welcomed His presence.


I lifted my canoe onto the roof of my ute and in the process I tore the muscle in my forearm. I was admitted at the hospital and told that it would take two to three months to heal, that was on the Friday. On Sunday at church a bunch of mates prayed for me and within 30 seconds my arm was completely better. I have since been back to the doctor who can not believe what he is seeing.


I had a skin cancer growth on my arm about the size of a 50 cent piece which I was needing to have removed with surgery. I told Gary about it and he said, "No you don't need surgery, let's just pray for you". Well after two days the growth started to shrivel up and then after two weeks just fell off. Jesus is amazing I tell you.


On the last day of the Kingdom Invasion Conference a group of young prayer warriors were send to those who wanted prayer for healing. A young man called Michael came and sat with me as I can not stand for a long time and asked what did I want prayer for.

Now their were various things for which I am believing Jesus will heal me of, but two things especially are frustrating. Not being able to dance to the music in worship and not being able to clap my hands because of pain shooting through me and my hands did not 'fit' properly.
Michael really went to bat for me and spend quite some time in prayer with me. The pain in my hands became a lot less and to this day I am able to clap my hands freely, I was also able to dance for a longer period of time and my walking has improved. Jesus is wonderful and I hold onto the faith that all things will happen for those who believe.


I was listening to music on my ipod, I went to bed with a song stuck on my mind and then I felt a heavy warm presence on me (I knew it was the Holy Spirit) like someone was holding me down, then suddenly I felt like I was flying around but couldn't really see much since it was dark, and I got the words "Proverbs 18:4" then I heard a girl's voice which I assume was the spirit of wisdom since proverbs mention wisdom as "she".
Proverbs 18:4 The words of a man's mouth are deep waters, but the fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook.
I have never had an experience like that before, all I can say is more Jesus more!


I had lost my hearing years ago in my right ear due to a bomb blast, I could hear very loud sounds but that was about it. After one of our meetings someone came up to me and prayed for my hearing and immediately Jesus just fixed up my ear. I have perfect hearing now in both ears.

Shelby - aged 12

I felt like I wanted to talk to Jesus. but it was easier to get it on paper, so I wrote a letter to Him put it in an envelope and put it under my pillow throughout the night and told Jesus He can have it. By the next day it was still there and I thought it was a little silly, so I left it another day. The following day when I felt the envelope it felt like grit was inside and so I told my Dad about it and when we opened it there where tiny little diamonds all over the letter. Dad said Jesus read my letter, I think Jesus is awesome.


After a time of prayer manna started appearing on my hands. I felt so overwhelmed by the whole thing and the feelingthatJesus loves me so much, HE really does,it was tremendous. I left church feeling overwhelmed and full of joy.And despitesome feelings of disbelief later in the day, I have carried the joy with me all week.I have felt more confident about my Jesus and I am so much more able to speak out about Him and I feel that my relationship with Jesus has had a refreshing and a renewing.

Luke - aged 15

I tore my hamstring playing footy and was taken to hospital, where the doctor said I had a third degree tear and so put me on crutches for a few weeks. I went to the combined youth that same night and was prayed for and Jesus completely healed me. I instantly had no more pain at all and walked out of youth without my crutches, I even went to gym the next day. I think Jesus is cool.


We were having worship at home group and everyone started getting drunk in the spirit - it was an incredible night. Suddenly these golden lights came and started moving around the room. I got out my mobile phone and filmed one come across the room and touch Joel, as it touched him he just crumpled. Jesus is incredible, we are seeing Him doing things I never thought possible. Bring it on Lord.


I have been getting gold dust and silver flakes on my desk at work for weeks and weeks now. I know that Jesus is in what I am doing and feel His pleasure with me. He is my lover and my life and He is always there with me, yep even at work.