Vision & Values

Our vision statement is "GO FOR IT !!". That's it.

Vision is something that captures our imagination and enables us to truly live, it is a God given ability to create in our spirits what is yet not seen and begin to live in it as though it were real. The bible calls this Faith - evidence of things unseen (Heb 11:1) 

For someone to say that only some people have vision is totally incorrect - EVERY PERSON  has vision whether big or small. It is the “unseen” or the “could be” that motivates us to embrace each new day and press on towards a goal which we see, and yet at the same time it does not exist tangibly for anyone else to see. 

The bible says that "without vision we perish" or "cast off restraint" (Prov 29:18). In other words if we do not live a life that has a God given vision, goal or purpose to it, we will simply go off track, and end up wherever life’s circumstances take us.

The name Friends First best describes what we are on about. As friends first with Jesus (John 15:15) we endeavour to build alongside, and with Jesus, a community of people who reflect His Kingdom; His values, His ways and His pattern for life.

We are the "container" or "wineskin" that "contains the Kingdom of Jesus", as we adjust the way we think and respond (as individuals) to His Word (the Bible) and His ways. We change to reflect Jesus and His Kingdom more & more , as a positive influence on the world around us.

The vision for us as a Kingdom community is quite simply, GO FOR IT !!  . You might ask ... Go for what ??

  • Get in touch with your own desires, unique call and destiny
  • Do whatever it takes to advance the Kingdom of God
  • Partner with Jesus so that you can reflect His image to the world around you. 

At Friends First, success to us is helping you embrace your God-given destiny.

We should not confuse Vision with Values.

Biblical vision is not a statement someone else dreams up for you, it is a living picture inside every follower of Jesus. Our goal is to help you find out what your unique vision is and honour Jesus by walking in it.

Values on the other hand can be and normally are unique in each and every Christian community. At Friends First we are endeavouring to build with Kingdom values, thereby creating a Kingdom community of people.

When you mix with our crew, you'll notice some of our values such as:

  • We love Jesus and genuinely want to emulate all his great qualities
  • We love each other, we encourage each other, we create opportunities for each other
  • We treat each other like family, in honour and respect
  • We have the freedom to be ourselves
  • We celebrate diversity as each of us are created uniquely
  • We honour governance and Divine order
  • We pursue Joy, Love, Peace & Goodness
  • We treasure the Bible as the inspired guidance of God
  • We give space and time to the Holy Spirit to heal and change us